Temple of Small Wishes by Carroll Swenson-Roberts

“Temple of Small Wishes” touch the commonality of ordinary life. We often forget the pleasure derived from meeting our basic needs. We take them for granted. But as trivial as shaving, indoor plumbing or comfortable napping, it is the universal desires all humans share. For some, they are the luxury of obliviousness. For others, they are out of reach. Roberts neither comments nor criticizes. Here, she simply paints the joy and enshrines such happiness so we all can embrace.

A Short Art Quiz

Here is a four-question art quiz. We’ll randomly choose among those with the correct answers July 31, 2010 and send a free Urban Art and Antiques T-Shirt to a winner. It’s not the world’s easiest quiz, but we’re confident someone will present four correct answers. Click images to expand . 1) This medium of image […]

Mainly Goldenrod — Works by Joe Witzel

The opening reception of recent works by Joe Witzel is held at PANZA Gallery in Millvale yesterday. Joe, living in Troy hill of Pittsburgh, frequently drives up to Moraine State Park to draw the goldenrods in different seasons. When I stood in a full room of goldenrod paintings in vivid colors and eye-catching forms, the […]