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Could TV Show Furnishings Invade American Homes?

Could TV Show Furnishings Invade American Homes?

It occurred to me a while back that perhaps the reason the proliferation of shows on television about antiques have generally coincided with a down market is because of the focus on the price. For them to be appreciated and appreciate, antiques need to be something you want to own, not something you want to

Warhol Foundation Takes Aim at Smithsonian

The Warhol Foundation wants the Smithsonian to stop censoring or lose financing. The foundation sent a letter December 13 to Wayne Clough, secretary of the Smithsonian Institution that says while it is proud to have been a lead supporter of Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture, it strongly condemns the decision to remove David Wojnarowicz’s video A Fire in My Belly from the exhibition. “Such blatant censorship is unconscionable.”

All I Want for Christmas is Edward Gorey’s Fur Coat

I’m not sure what size Edward Gorey wore, but I am certain one of his fur coats would make a great Christmas gift for that hard-to-please Victorian. More than a dozen of Gorey’s coats are being offered today at Bloomsbury Auctions in New York, along with a gold ring, limited edition prints and other items.