Miles Cleveland Goodwin at Valley House Gallery

All art is autobiographical, Fellini declared. For Miles Cleveland Goodwin, those snippets of life in rural Mississippi make up his artwork in the current solo exhibition at Value House Gallery and Sculpture Garden. As a city of concrete and glass, Dallas hasn’t been at the forefront of persevering vanishing America. But the imageries of Goodwin, if nostalgic by nature, are less about the old South than a reflection of his reality. The relentless process of ruin and abandonment, in an eerie way, is sort of romantic and comforting.

Nature Observed: The Coastal California Pines of Anne C. Weary

They reflected the superlative power of the artist to synthesize geographic and flora information; yet still there seemed to lack a kind of immediacy and emotional attachment. In a tightly controlled process for public picture making, by reigning subconscious and psychological state, Anne achieved a stunning degree of intellectual revelation of nature observed.

L. O. Griffith – Painting Wilderness of Western Texas

Valley House Gallery is currently holding the second monograph exhibition on Louis Oscar Griffith (Jan 10, 2011 to Feb 5, 2011) with a reception this past Saturday, Jan 15. Unlike the first exhibition which focused on the artist’s painstaking effort of printmaking including etching and color aquatint, the current  exhibition features mostly oil sketches during […]