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When The Factual Ages Into The Sentimental

However, few may realize or care about the curatorial perspective behind the exhibition: the relationship between the factual characteristics of postcards of common places with Walker Evans’ lean anti-arty photograph style. All visitors were busy: They were busy in finding what a piece of common place that they know of looked like before the great war. [Read More…]

Changes in American Postcards

If identification of the specific location in each postcard can be challenging, the identification of the era of each postcard is easier thanks to the dated event for format change or technology breakthrough.

Here is a summary of milestones with respect to changes in American postcardsbased on the article “American in 3 by 5” by Thomas Hine in February issue of Magazine Antiques and the conservation with Lon Black yesterday. [Read More…]

The Vanishing Points — The Transformation of Grand Army Plaza Through Viewing Vintage Postcards

Perhaps there is no other place than New York that vintage postcards hold the wonderful collectible values. For a city which has been rebuilding itself so many times, postcards provide an extravagant visual experience of “Then and Now” in indefinite scale. Not only that one can find the great rendering of the vanished buildings such as Penn Station, the Wardorf-Astoria Hotel, the Vanderbilt mansions, but also some less known architecture or statues in other boroughs including Brooklyn and Queens. [Read more…]