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Running Around the Tower Antique Show

Fair Park in Dallas can be a busy place. Specific buildings within the park, the site of the 1936 Texas Exposition, can be difficult to find. The White Rock Marathon occurring during show hours made it particularly difficult this time around. But honestly the parking space was harder to find than the Food and Fiber

Tower Antiques Show, 2010

The Tower Building in Dallas’s Fair Park seems a good location for an antique show. Home to nine museums, six performance facilities, a lagoon, and the largest Ferris wheel in North America. Many of the buildings on the complex were constructed for the Texas Centennial Exposition in 1936 which drew over six million visitors. Most

A Gaggle of Interests – Sept 13, 2009

In this series, Geo and I will list some of the interesting items that we have found in auctions, antique shops or eBay. We neither own the items and in most cases don’t have the capability of examining the items in person. It mainly serves as an inventory record of what interest us (not necessarily